Shrine Church of Saint Jude


 I have exciting news!  The Diocese of Brooklyn is now in “Stage 4.”  Which means the sacrament of Confirmation can be celebrated.  Bishop DiMarzio has granted an indult to all pastors to confirm the candidates whose Confirmation were postponed due to the pandemic. 

Therefore, Msgr. John Delendick will be celebrating the sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday, August 22nd.  To accommodate for proper social distancing the sacrament will be celebrated twice on Saturday.  There will be 2 meetings prior to the reception of the sacrament.   First meeting is Wednesday, July 29th at 2:00 in the school.  The first meeting is only for the Confirmation Candidates.  Second meeting is practice.  Practice is for confirmandi and sponsor.  If the sponsor cannot attend another adult should be present. 

Please check your email for the times of Confirmation and Practice.  It important that you come on the scheduled time.  

If you did not get the email/land mail email