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The Making of Communion Bread for Holy Communion

Dear Families,

      I have exciting news!  The Diocese of Brooklyn is now in “Stage 4.”  Which means the sacrament of First Holy Communion can now be celebrated.  To accommodate for proper social distancing and to adhere to the directives from Bishop DiMarzio the sacrament will be celebrated twice on Saturday, August 29th.   

     The First Holy Communion class has been divided into two.  Each First Holy Communion child may have only 2 family members sit in the pew with them.  Unfortunately, no other guests will be allowed to attend. 

     We will live stream the Mass on Facebook as we have been doing with our Masses since quarantine began.  There will be 1 practice prior to the reception of the sacrament.  

    Everyone should be receiving an email or land mail which will state the date and time of your child's First Holy Communion.  It is extremely important that you adhere to the scheduled times.

Important  Information:

Communion Attire - We very much hope that you dress your daughter and son appropriately keeping in mind that they are being dressed for First Holy Communion. 

Girls:  White dress, white veil and white shoes.  No gloves, purses or flowers can be worn.  Their hands will be held in a prayerful manner.  A dress with a long trail or touches the floor is not appropriate.  Bare shoulders are not appropriate.  Girls should wear white shoes with heels no larger than an inch.   

Boys:  Boys may wear white, dark blue or black suit, with a white shirt and white First Holy Communion tie. Dress shoes, no sneakers. 

Face Coverings:

All children  and all guests are to wear face coverings.  For First Holy Communion the children should wear a white face covering. (any kind: store both/hand made)


During the First Holy Communion Mass, no photography is permitted during Mass.  Unfortunately, we will not be having an outside photographer as in the past.  We will be living streaming the Mass.