Shrine Church of Saint Jude

GOOD NEWS!!                


Dear Parishioners,

I know that good news is hard to come by in the midst of a pandemic. It was good news in July when we announced that we were now open for Sunday Mass. We did not get large crowds but we have people coming and are joyful because they can now receive Communion. We hope to see more people as we move through the summer.

 The GOOD NEWS that I am proclaiming to you today is that August for St. Jude’s is Sacrament of Initiation month. For some of you it won’t mean anything while for others it is great news. If you recall, the Diocese shut the Churches before Easter. It was difficult for all because we were not able to celebrate together our most important Solemnity, the Resurrection of Jesus. For others it meant that and more. Four parishioners who weekly came to our RCIA classes to prepare for the Easter Sacraments were not able to receive the Sacraments. One adult was to be baptized, receive Confirmation and 1st Communion. The other three who were previously baptized as infants were to receive Confirmation and 1st Communion. They will receive the Sacraments at a special Mass on Monday night, Aug 10.

The next group who have been faithfully coming on Wednesday Evenings for two years preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation to be administered on April 27 will now be able to receive the Sacrament on Saturday August 22.

Another group is the 1st Communion Class who should have received the Sacrament on the Saturday before Mother’s Day will now receive Communion for the first time on Saturday August 29. (I hope their dresses and suits still fit)

Last but not least, Infant Baptisms that have been put on hold will be celebrated on three different Sundays in August allowing us to baptize three infants per service. We would ask that you call the rectory to find out when you may come to register for the Sacrament and to learn when the class will be held, and to choose which Sunday you will celebrate the Sacrament. (For registration you will need a copy of the birth certificate and you should have, from one of the sponsors, a copy of proof of Confirmation)

More information will be given as we get closer to the dates.

As I said, August for us is a month of GOOD NEWS. It should cause all to rejoice. It should also before  all us a time to pray for those who are receiving the Sacraments of Initiation.

In Christ,

Msgr. John Delendick