Dear Parishioners,

 We received a letter from Bishop Chappetto concerning the reopening of our churches.

 St. Jude’s Church will reopen on Tuesday, May 26 for private prayer and devotions.  As per instructions we will be open for FOUR HOURS ONLY.  We will be open on Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

 ONLY TEN PEOPLE will be permitted in the Church at one time. If there are more than ten wishing to enter you will wait outside the main doors of the church and will be admitted when others come out.  Before you come to church please take your temperature, if it is above 100 degrees please stay home. If you are ill please stay home.  Parishioners are required to wear masks, which you must bring from home.  No one will be permitted in church without a mask.  There will be a hand sanitizer at the entrance of the church, please use it or better still bring your own hand sanitizer with you and use it as you enter the church.

 This is for private prayers only.  You may not come to pray as a group (ex; recitation of the Rosary).  If the line waiting is long you may be limited in the time you spend in church.  You may be asked to say one more prayer and leave.  Please remember to exercise Christian Charity to permit others to spend a few minutes as well.

You will only be allowed to sit in the designated places on the main aisle of the church.  You will not be allowed to go to another place in the church. This is necessary so that only the main aisle will have to be sanitized each day.  If you want a ($1.00) candle lit, ask one of the staff and we will do it for you.  Also the Holy Water Fonts will not be there.  If you want Holy Water, (please call ahead if you want Holy Water), one of the staff will give you a small bottle of Easter Water.   

 During this time THE MASS ON FACEBOOK will continue.

 FUNERALS  will be permitted but the following procedures must be adhered to.  Mass will not be permitted.  We will use the Rite of Funerals without a Mass (the same that we would use during the Easter Triduum.) Only ten people will be allowed in church and are required to use social distances. The casket will be brought in the church and placed as usual before the altar. Then the people will be allowed to enter. There is no procession in or out.

 Please keep in mind that so much of what has been decreed by Bishop DiMarzio will change as the situation changes in the time of pandemic. This is just baby steps in the plan for reopening our church. Please pray that one day soon we can be fully open and once again be a community at prayer.

In Christ,

Msgr. John Delendick


Shrine Church of Saint Jude