June 24, 2020

Dear Parishioners, 

     When I was a young lad in the days before the Second Vatican Council I was an altar server in my home parish. Many of you will remember that the celebrant began Mass with the Prayers at the foot of the Altar. There was a dialog (in Latin) between the priest and the altar server. The first prayer began with these words “I will go to the Altar of God.” The server would answer “To the God who gives joy to my youth.” A very  nice prayer that all of us can joyfully recite because after an absence of three months we can all shout out “I will go to the Altar of God, the God who gives joy to my youth.” We are finally going to be able to attend Mass!

     Beginning on Monday, June 29, we will celebrate weekday Mass each day at 9:00 together in St. Jude’s Church. At last you are invited to participate in the Mass and finally receive the Eucharist. On the following weekend, July 4 & 5, we start the Sunday schedule, Saturday at 5:30, and Sunday at 8:30, 10:30 & 12:30. This is all good news but there are still some guidelines that must be strictly followed.

     Most important is that you should stay home if you are sick or you have a fever. Stay home if you have a breathing or heart problem and the temperature makes it difficult for you to walk to Church.

  1. Everyone must wear a mask and it should be worn throughout the celebration. As you enter the Church your temperature will be taken.
  2. The six foot rule must be followed. The pews will be marked so that it is easy to sit at the proper distance from each other. Because the directives of the Bishop are being adhered to, we can only accommodate 50 people. For weekday Masses this will not pose any problems. For the weekend Mass once 50 people are in Church, there will be an overflow Mass in the school hall. 
  3. There will not be an offertory procession. There will however be an offering procession. This means that after the Prayer of the Faithful, you will proceed row by row to baskets that will be set up in the front of the Church. Please keep the six foot rule as you come forward.
  4. For Communion, you will also proceed row by row to the priest or minister. The minister of Communion will be wearing a mask. You also must be wearing a mask. The minister will say as usual “the Body of Christ” and you will respond “Amen”. Please hold out your hands to receive the Host. It will be dropped into your hands so that there is no contact between you and the minister of Communion. Step to the side, lower your mask and place the Host in your mouth. Return to your pew. If you are not receiving Holy Communion please walk forward when your pew gets up and cross your arms to signify that you are not receiving. (we don’t want people climbing over you as they leave or return to the pew.)
  5. After Mass please exit in an orderly fashion keeping a social distance. Do not congregate in the Narthex of the Church or in the front of the Church.

     Please stick to the guidelines so that all of us will remain healthy and safe. Keep praying that this will soon end and we can celebrate as we did in the past.

 In Christ,

Msgr. John Delendick 


Shrine Church of Saint Jude